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Testamonials From Our Families 


" Forest School is something that we thought would be a good fit for our daughter. We were fortunate to attend a local, public nature kindergarten program in our local school district. Our daughter thrived. Unfortunately, nature school isn’t offered past kindergarten in our district. Enter Wise Earth. Wise Earth came at the perfect time for our family and checked so many of our boxes. Our daughter attended Wise Earth Forest School for two years and in her time there, we saw so much growth in both her academic skill base and her emotional and mental skill bases. She learned how to be an amazing warden of the forest, and of nature around her. She made fast forever friends. She LOVED going to school and always came home with such a vast, deep knowledge of the nature around her. Sarah helped us work through some tough behaviours with our daughter and taught her coping skills that will last her lifetime. Sarah is the ultimate teacher. Her lesson plans, well thought-out experiences for the students, and activities were always well received and made learning fun for our daughter. We will always be so grateful for our time and experience with Wise Earth and could not recommend it more."


Kinley & Bailey Spiteri


"My daughter's time at Wise Earth School was transformational. She was being bullied at the public school she attended and despite all our efforts, she was spending so much time internal and alone. 


It took her a very short while to come out of her shell at the Forest School, and she actually became excited about going to school again. There was always a new outdoor adventure and delightful stories of her experiences that day. 

The arts and crafts she brought home were creative and beautiful, and the connection to the animals was so sweet. I thoroughly enjoyed the end-of-the-year performance, a combination of divine creativity and sweet innocence. 


Sarah Kane Wade runs the school expertly and is a joy to the children. My daughter misses her now and asks to see her all the time. My daughter gained back her vibrant self and grew a deep love and connection to nature in all new ways."


Solar Love & Bliss Prema


"My kids attended Wise Earth Forest School in its first year when they were in grades 1 and 3. From the beginning, Sarah has been passionately dedicated to providing rich, wholesome, nature-based curriculum to a range of elementary aged students. Some of our favorite memories from Forest school are catching frogs and salamanders in the woods, making slug hotels, studying the life cycle of the frog in the pond next door, shelter building and wildcraft, and playing forest games. Sarah artistically weaves the BC curriculum into her nature based lessons so that the kids develop a practical, experiential and hands on understanding of the concepts and competencies. At the end if each day I was greeted with my favorite thing: happy, dirty, rosey checked kids!"


Koda & Tyee Young and Sarah Knight

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