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Professional Opportunities at Wise Earth Forest School 




















Educational Assistant / Forest School Co-Mentor

at Wise Earth Forest School,

Metchosin, west of Victoria on Vancouver Island, British Columbia


Wise Earth offers nature based education. We combine play, inquiry and exploration based learning of topics like wildcrafting, tracking, fire & shelter building, sit spots, farm animal care with academic foundational skills for literacy, numeracy, science, art, music and social studies. We are a unique program that offers a structure of academic instruction in a nature setting. We teach small group lessons to two different age cohorts of children. We have ages  4-7 yrs and 8-12 yrs years old in our program, with 14 children in total. We spend the majority of our time outside, though also have an indoor classroom we use for the wet and cool season.

Job Description

  • Support lead teacher to implement and deliver daily program in an integrated Forest School program (2-3 days per week)

  • Provide warm, nurturing and inspiring support to all children, and children with special needs

  • Flexible in the role of providing support to children and to the program



  • Provide one on one caring support to children

  • Assist with children’s personal care - clothing, eating, drinking

  • Use positive guidance strategies

  • Help build students’ social skills, emotional skills and self-esteem

  • Offer encouragement to help students with personal and group dynamics, and the school community

  • Reinforce students’ learning using lessons and methods developed with the lead teacher

  • Help students with academic assignments



  • Ability to plan special topics for nature education, share specialities/crafts or facilitate games etc. with whole group

  • Able to offer small group lessons/learning pods and activities

  • Comfortable speaking to group, and stepping into leadership roles


  • Observe students and share their observations with the classroom teacher

  • Comfortable and confident working outside in all weather conditions (rain or shine)

  • Excitement and enthusiasm for nature education

  • Confident supporting children to make good decisions regarding hazards, risks in outdoor play

  • Support day to day operations of the school in a team setting

  • Provide multiple ways of communication with families and caregivers to ensure healthy, positive relationships are formed and maintained on a regular basis, through weekly reflections, and in person communication.

  • Ensure the well being of all children and staff are at the forefront of daily decision making

  • Record, assess and evaluate the happenings at nature school on a regular basis

  • Attend regularly scheduled staff meetings

  • Maintain a safe outdoor classroom by completing daily site checks

  • In addition to the regular and customary classroom responsibilities and duties, employees may be assigned additional duties both inside and outside the classroom, which may be necessary for the proper functioning of Wise Earth Forest School



  • 3+ years experience working with children

  • Certified EA, ECE, Social work, Youth Work, Forest School practitioner or similar mentoring / guiding / teaching background - Life Experience Counts Too!

  • Warm, compassionate, curious, nurturing and adventurous way with children

  • Supporting, leading, guiding, mentoring children/ youth background and education

  • Excellent verbal, communication and interpersonal skills in order to communicate effectively with children, families and colleagues

  • Interest in a nature based educational philosophy and open and willing to learn Wise Earth approach

  • Understanding of emotional intelligence with support for communication and expression of emotions, conflict resolution and problem solving

  • Sensitivity and support for children with special needs

  • Adaptable, flexible, and well-rounded with a passion for teaching and exploring other diverse avenues of child-based learning such as art, music, dance, sport, yoga, mindfulness, cooking, gardening, photography, nature connection, etc.

  • Passion for a deep nature connection in your own life

  • Punctual, organized and professional

  • Commitment to continued professional and personal development

  • Ability to work effectively on own initiative as well as being a solid team member

  • Professional credibility & commitment to equal opportunities and valuing diversity

  • Demonstrate a commitment to supervision and reflective practice

  • Flexible and proactive work ethic and a positive attitude

  • Wilderness First Aid, or General First Aid (with intent to study the other)

  • Able to provide proof of clear Criminal Reference Check


  • Willingness to learn and develop a repertoire of nature based abilities and knowledge

  • Share your passions!! Local naturalist knowledge of flora and fauna, hazards, orientation, tracking, edible & medicinal plants, gardening, farm animal care, ecology, peace making & conflict resolution, music and song, mindfulness, friction fires, shelter building, hide tanning, weaving, carving, bird language & ID, etc.


*Competitive wages and professional development opportunities available

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