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Wise Earth Teaching Philosophy

A note from the Teacher:

My education pedagogy stems from inspiring learning through nature, children's passions and the joy of seeing the sparks in their eyes. 

When a child senses passion and a love for learning from another being, this inspires curiosity in them to find out more about it. My intent is to share that passion and love for learning with children, and to support them to develop this within their own hearts and minds. 


I believe children are innately intelligent, creative and gifted in a multitude of ways. It is my pleasure to find out what their passions are, structure learning to support their interests, draw upon their strengths and nudge them past their comfort zones. I use Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences to understand how different children learn and create methods that address their learning styles. 

I embrace the methodology of play based learning, place based learning, inquiry methods and educating the whole child.  

I endeavour to: 

  • Create adventures and magic for children in the forest to capture their imaginations, and their love for fun.  

  • Spark joy, fascination and wonder for learning.

  • Step back and allow for Mother Nature to be the teacher.

  • Be constantly guiding, watching and reflecting on how each child is developing, how the group dynamics are functioning, and how to build my next lesson on to their knowledge base. 

  • Support children to be conscious and kind to themselves, all beings and the whole world around them.

  • Teach children how to make good choices about risks and hazards.

  • Search out answers together rather than give answers

  • Cultivate values and social emotional learning

  • Foster empathy, compassion, gratitude and free thinking

  • Foster confidence and mastery in foundational literacy, numeracy and critical thinking according to their stage and development


My own influences for education have come from a variety of sources – Kurt Hahn, Joseph Cornell, Tom Brown, Jon Young and the Netsilik elders and teachers of Gjoa Haven, Nunavut. 

With love and joy, 

Sarah Wade

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