WiSe Earth Elementary Forest School

Children will be free to be wild, loud, playful, creative and inventive. 

Children will be supported to be quiet, calm, connected and curious. 

Children will be nurtured to be resilient, resourceful, caring and kind. 

We are delighted to be by their sides for this adventure into learning. 

School Trip in Forest

Year Long Forest school 

Wise Earth Elementary Forest School is an outdoor learning adventure that weaves nature literacy and BC core curriculum together for a exciting and inspiring year of nature school. We have small groups of 10-12 students for grade 2-5, and 6-10 students Kindergarten / Grade 1 with two staff members per group, creating a low teacher student ratio of between 1:5 to 1:7. There will be a Kindergarten-Grade 1 class in 2022-23,  a 2-3-4 class, and we are contemplating a 5-6 class for next year based on enrolment. Children of all grades will come together for full group activities, group games, and multi-grade learning experiences also known as Big Buddies.  

Our program is available for four days per week - from 9am-2:30pm. Our learning sites are based in Metchosin, BC where we have 5 acres of forest, a vegetable garden and an indoor classroom for inclement weather. 

We have chosen 4 days in which to create a full week of programming to free up one more day for families to spend with their kids, for home learning families to connect and to continue to strive towards balance in a week. We are offering full coverage of curriculum in that 4 days per week.   

We endeavour to create an affordable program for families, and very much appreciate parent volunteers and fundraising support. We have a partnership with Heartwood/NIDES-SD-71 which enables us to provide additional learning support from a certified teacher, and a record of learning for the grade level for your child's year.   

Fees for our grade 2-5 program are $5300. Distributed learning programs offer $600 per student that can be used towards tuition, which can reduce the fee to $4700.


Our K-1 program will have a slighter higher fee to provide excellent staffing, a low children:staff ratio and safety at all times outdoors. This fee will be between $6500-7000 depending on enrolment.  


We accept monthly instalments, and you can also apply for a bursary with us. 

To register, please send an email to sarah@wiseearthforestschool.com. Come to an Open House to meet us, and see our forest, garden, animals and classroom! 

We will then complete interviews to ensure this is a good fit for your child. If we are all in agreement about the fit, you will be invited to register, and our programs begin the week of Sept 13, 2022 !  Thank you for reading:)