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Wise Earth  Forest School

Inspiring Joy, Wonder and Respect


         For children ages 5-10

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Our Vision

Imagine a child deep in the forest, immersed in nature with confidence and respect for their environment, for peers and for their own self.


Imagine a child who is curious, inspired and engaged in learning. A child  connected to their whole being, to the cycle of the seasons and to the earth and its' creatures.

Imagine a child with sparkles in their eyes each day. 

A child in full self expression, in touch with their emotions, full of empathy, gratitude and care. 

A child present to magic, wonder and awe. 

Girl in Chicken Farm

The Forest Farm

Growing food, herbs and flowers is an excellent hands-on experience for students to delight in growing plants vegetables, fruits & herbs and manage their own garden boxes. 

Forest learning sites

We are based in the beautiful rural and green community of Metchosin where we have our learning sites based on five acres of forest land. We have a mix of woodland forest, creeks, ponds and rocky outcrops. 


We access different ecosystems during field trips to lakes, beaches and special sites within Metchosin and East Sooke over the year.  

We also have a indoor classroom nestled on our property for cozy learning during colder times of the year. 

Caring for animals

Our students have enjoyed animals, and one of our wonderful class pets is Pickles ~ an American rabbit. We have found it to be an incredible way for children to learn care, empathy, responsibility, habits for handling animals and all about this animals's life cycle. 

During this year, we are also raising and caring for chickens, and will have fresh eggs to share in the spring. We have turkeys and ducks, and a whole fluffle of rabbits! 

  Thank you

Metchosin Community  & Local Sponsors ! 


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